About the Ruminations Blog

Ruminations is an assemblage of blog reflections on a variety of topics that strike me — and, I hope, strike you — as worthy of mention.

Perhaps some rumination will trigger other thoughts and questions and even a conversation or two.

Or, perhaps, it will just be a passing comment on some oddity of daily life, juxtaposed against decades of other oddities forming one long chain of an oddball life.

Many entries here originated in other blogs that I crafted over the years:

  • Good Government, reflections on United States politics, governance, public policy and citizenship
  • Software Metaphysics™, to think about how we think about software
  • ETL 3.0, a specialized part of Software Metaphysics focused on the ETL process
  • It’s Only Words, from Artists Lifeline, LLC, in support of writers, photographers and other artists and these arts

These are now assembled here (and their earlier versions are retired).

If some rumination here strikes you, by all means — please feel free to add your comment either here on these pages or on a blog of your own.

Sadly, I must mention that I’m open to free-flowing discourse and comment, but rude behavior will not be tolerated in the least. So — keep a civil tongue, treat others as you would want to be treated, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing, and all of those other lessons in civility we used to take for granted. I will have no qualms with discarding bad posts … and habitually bad posters.

That should all have gone without saying, but those days are long past. Maybe we can bring them back.


“Software Metaphysics” is a service mark of BVWatson, LLC.


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