Election Fraud is reason enough

There’s a new poster boy for election fraud — a Republican (as usual) elected to the US House based on a campaign of fictitious stories.

  • He lied about his schooling.
  • He lied about his work and experience.
  • He lied about his grandmother.
  • He lied about his religion.
  • He lied about his name.
  • He lied about his criminal history.
  • He lied about his bank account.
  • He lied about his address.

He defrauded the voters of the district.

Republicans insist that election fraud is widespread. Well, maybe they know what we don’t — that Republicans engage in election fraud. And that Republicans support election fraud when Republicans do it.

This Republican fraudster is happily welcomed to the Republican caucus, sworn in, and celebrated. This con man was allowed to vote on who should be next in line for the presidency. He’s wearing the official pin. He has an office and a staff and privileges. He looks like a member of Congress. And he’s a fraud — all of his voters were victims of his election fraud.

And now we, the rest of the country, are victims of his election fraud. And of the Republican fraud that embraces this faker.

What gets me is that people say that he has to be expelled IF he is convicted of a crime. They point to his financial lies and his false filings.

Why is a criminal conviction required?

It is enough that he defrauded the voters. Actual election fraud is reason enough for expulsion.

Where is the caucus that railed about election fraud? Why won’t they hold this con man up as an example and expel him? Send a message to other fraudsters out there — not the made-up, non-existent fraud but to the real fakers — that election fraud won’t be tolerated.

We know why. They never were serious about election fraud. They were only serious about winning — whatever it takes.