Losing Lives To Save “The Economy”

Thereʻs a general view on the right that believes that “the economy” is separate from “the people“.

Thatʻs how they can cheer a rising stock market even though wages are stagnant. Or they can rush to raise stock prices even if it means sacrificing peopleʻs health and lives.

“The Economy” vs “The People

Liberals donʻt believe thereʻs a difference between “the economy” and “people”. In liberal views, if people donʻt benefit – if wages donʻt go up with productivity, if houses arenʻt affordable, if medical bankruptcies are rising, if school debt is crushing, if lives are lost – then the economy is failing.

Lives must be lost so “the economy” can recover: this isnʻt Trump talking – this is the Republican Party and the conservative right-wing talking, and it has been the Republican position at least since Reagan in 1980.