“I meant to do that.”


Searching for an explanation

The deconstruction of both the presidency and the Congress is creating a lot of havoc – and a lot of pain – among regular people across the country. Especially hurt are those who are in the “middle class” and the “least among us”. Those are most in need of the services that the rest of the people and the business community pay for.

Over the past 8 years, the Congress has been managed by the ideological Republican party, determined to prove that “government is the problem.” Over the past year, they have been joined by someone in the Republican White House who demonstrates that he operates with no plan, injecting chaos into the system and offering no stable alternative.

Why is this happening?

Because this chaos, this havoc, this loss of reliability and stability proves the foregone conclusion: that government doesn’t work, cannot work. So chaos, incompetence, corruption, havoc all play into driving this message.

As a consequence, those who need these lost services and support are turning to other sources for help – and they are getting it. Churches, charities, advocacy organizations, corporations with a conscience, philanthropic billionaires have stepped in to provide a “social safety net” to replace the abandoned government-provided safety net. At bottom, Americans won’t let other Americans suffer needlessly – they will reach out to find ways to help. That’s what Americans do.

And this, too, proves the foregone conclusion: that government doesn’t need to help these people because other people will help them.

So all of this havoc, all of this chaos, all of this pain may be “proving” that government isn’t needed at all.

This has all been part of a well-crafted plan, then?
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