Announcing ETL 3.0

ETL 3.0TM is a trademark of BVWatson LLC, copyright 2010, all rights reserved.

It is almost appropriate that ETL 3.0 should be first pronounced on July 4th. This is the date celebrated as “Independence Day” in the United States, and ETL 3.0 offers independence as its primary objective.

In these pages, over the next few months, I will describe the evolutionary history of ETL through its first two generations, before describing the need for ETL to move on to a third generation — one rooted in independence, flexibility, extensibility and autonomy.

For now, this pronouncement on this date will mark the beginning of the next step in ETL’s growth. The rest will come in parts over the next few months.

Please stay tuned.

About Bryan Watson

Bryan Watson is a consultant in Information Technology, with four decades of experience building data processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Over the last 12 years, Mr. Watson has focused on the technical and non-technical architectural principles that drive well-crafted, high-valued, long-lived solutions.
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