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I Don’t Care What You Say

Nothing should be more effective in stopping an argument than these words: I don’t care what you say… There are other variations — “no matter what you say”, “you can’t tell me”, “I know for a fact”. These are STOP signs in any conversation. The person who injects these phrases is telling you that any further […]

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I’m Sorry You’re So Dumb

How often have we had to listen to the “you’re so dumb” apology? We heard it today from Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives Brian Bosma who said: I extended my apology to [Greg Louganis], not for actions taken, but for messages received. And I extend that same apology to anyone who received that same message. […]

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Words To Replace “Ummm”

When you listen to interviewers and interviewees on the radio or television, count the number of times you hear words that replace “ummm” and “uhhh” — words that allow the speaker to stall until they can think of what to say. Here’s one that makes me cringe: It’s interesting. I hear this from questioners and respondents alike: […]