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Who Said What? NYTimes Editors Take A Day Off

Where is the editor? Couldn’t this confusing misuse of words and pronouns have been detected on first read and reconstructed for clarity? This is the New York Times, not some words scrawled into a reporter’s notebook.

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The Resurrection of Voc-Ed

Imagine telling your high school students that they need to be preparing for vocational school after they graduate high school. For some, that would be telling them something they already knew. Once they’re out of high school, they’ll learn a trade — auto repair, welding, plumbing, long-haul trucking. That’s what they expect and that’s what […]

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Pre-Decided Decisions Benefit No One

We are in the seventh year of the “Party of No”. Since the start of 2009, when influential opposition leaders gathered to adopt a “unified resistance” strategy, the party has steadfastly – and reflexively – opposed every proposal made by the President. Every proposal. Without exception. The pundits argue that the President’s proposals are dead […]