Good Government

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

The President released his birth certificate to the public today.

When the nation is trying to deal with radically different solutions to a problem that may have dire effects in our lifetimes, the stage is being occupied by clowns, carnival barkers, paranoids and lunatics — and hate-mongers whose debating skills begin and end with vilification.

The President released his birth certification to the public today.

It changes nothing, really. Those who assaulted his legitimacy will continue to do so. Those who believed him three years ago believe him today. Those who were confused by the ruckus will remain confused, whether about this or something else.

And those who were afraid to contradict the hateful opposition will wait fearfully for the next craziness from the lunatic fringe.

And that is the real lesson here — the fear and cowardice of those who should be leading. Rather than charting a course to a rational debate about the economy, health care, war, unemployment, infrastructure and defining the future of the nation as a nation — all the legitimate concerns of government — rather than facing and defining the future, those who should be leading are looking fearfully over their shoulders for the next insane, unsubstantiated, hateful, racist notion from the far outreaches of their lunatic followers. They are letting the lunatics run the asylum.

Is this the kind of leadership that should — or even could — guide good government?

The President released his birth certification to the public today. Again.

We don’t have time for this kind of silliness. These are serious times and they require serious people with serious thinking. The carnival needs to fold its tent and move to some other town. And they need to take their ringmasters and barkers with them.


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